Motor Racing Spread Betting

Experience a thrilling new way to enjoy your favourite motorsports with a spread bet that will keep you glued to the action right up until the chequered flag.

What is motor racing spread betting?

Sporting Index offers markets on Formula 1 and occasionally on Speedway too.

Whether it's a long-term bet over the course of a season, in-play betting on our Live Index, or exciting match bets pitting one driver against another, we have motorsport covered.

How to spread bet on motor racing?

Sporting Index makes predictions on a number of events and scenarios for a season, as well as individual races. The spread has two prices, a buy and a sell price.

If you believe Sporting Index has pitched a quote too low, you can buy at the higher price.

Likewise, if you think the buy price is too high then you can choose to sell our price, believing the final market make-up will be lower than the price quoted.

There are lots of different motorsport bets available, and motor racing spread betting offers much more than just a fixed odds punt on a driver for the title or to win a race.

Here are some of our popular motorsport spread betting markets.

What long-term motor racing spread bets are there?

Championship Index

Points are awarded for a driver’s performance during an entire championship depending on where in the driver’s standings they finish.

Points are awarded based on the following: 60pts for winning the Championship, 40pts for finishing second, 30pts for finishing third, 20pts for fourth, 10pts for fifth and 5pts for sixth.

Sporting Index may give Sebastian Vettel a Championship Index quote of 43-46 pre-season, for example. If Vettel won the championship he would make up 60 and buyers at 46 would make 14 times their stake (60 - 46 = 14).

The Championship Index is updated after every race.

Race Index

Before every race we predict where every driver will finish the race. Points are awarded as follows: Win = 60pts, 2nd = 40pts, 3rd = 30pts, 4th = 25pts, 5th = 20pts, 6th = 15pts, 7th = 10pts, 8th = 5pts, 9th = 3pts, 10th = 1pt.

For example, Jensen Button might be quoted at 16-19. A third place finish would make up 30 and profits for buyers at 19 of 11 times your stake (30 - 19 = 11). However if Button had finished 7th, and you bought him at 19, you would lose 9 times your stake (19 - 10 = 9).

Fancy an outsider to belie their lowly spread? Buy. Think a fancied driver has an unreliable car and might struggle? Sell.

Match Bets

A prediction on how one driver will fare compared to another driver in the same race, expressed as the margin of victory between these 2 drivers, where the winner of the 2 drivers is awarded 10pts, plus 2pts per race position he wins by.

For example, Sebastian Vettel/Fernando Alonso 11-13. If Vettel finishes first and Alonso finishes fifth, the make-up will be 20 in favour of Vettel.

Multi-Finishing Positions

The position that one driver finishes a certain race is multiplied by the position his team-mate finishes in the same race. Maximum make-up is 12 points per driver, therefore 144 per team. For example, if Lewis Hamilton is eighth in a Grand Prix and his team-mate Rosberg finishes 20th, the market makes-up at 96 (8 x (max make-up) 12 = 96).

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