Rugby Spread Betting

What is rugby spread betting?

Sporting Index price up hundreds of markets on rugby, so whether it is a prediction on one team’s Kicking Metres, Shirt Numbers, or Total Points, as well as long term markets like Tournament Indices and Season Points, Sporting Index have both  rugby union and league covered.

How to spread bet on rugby

Sporting Index makes predictions on a number of events and incidents within a rugby game. The spread has two prices, a buy and a sell price. If you reckon Sporting Index have underestimated their prediction, spread bettors would buy at the higher price, anticipating that the make-up of the market will be bigger than that price.

Likewise, if spread bettors think the buy price is too high then they would sell at the lower, believing the final make-up will be below the price they have sold at.

Here are some of our most popular markets.

What are Tournament/Championship rugby spread betting markets? 

Tournament / Championship Index

There are a number of rugby spread betting markets that revolve around how a team might perform in a tournament.

Points are awarded to teams depending on where they finished in the table. For example, the winner of the Six Nations Championships would accumulate 60pts, while second would get 40pts, third 20pts, fourth 10pts and the rest 0pts.

England, as favourites, for example, might have a prediction of between 36-39 points for the Six Nations.

Should you predict England to win or at least finish second, you would buy at 39. If England went on to win the whole tournament they would secure 60 points and you would make a profit of 21 times your stake (60 - 39 = 21). However, if they performed poorly and finished third you would lose 19 times your stake (20 - 39 = -19).

What are season long spread betting markets? Season points

Season long rugby spread betting markets are predictions on the accumulated total of points various sides will win during the season.

Sporting Index might predict that London Wasps are going to get between 50-53 by the time the Aviva Premiership concludes.

Should you believe Wasps were on course for a strong season then you might choose to buy for £10 at 53 points.

If Wasps eventually went on to secure 60 points through the campaign then you would be in profit by £70 (60 - 53 x £10). However, if they turned out to have a poor season and only reached 45 points then you would be £80 worse off (53 - 45 x £10).

This market is updated after every game week.

What rugby spread betting supremacy markets are available?

One of the most popular rugby spread betting markets is our Match Supremacy market.

This is one side’s dominance over another expressed in terms of points.

For example, Sporting Index might quote England over Australia with a Supremacy price of 3-6.

If England beat Australia 20-8, a buy at 6 would have returned a profit of six times your stake (12 - 6 = 6).

On the other hand, if Australia beat England 12-5 then the supremacy price market will make-up -7. So a buy at 6 would end up being a loss of 13 times your stakes (-7 - 6 =-13).

Just like the vast majority of Sporting Index’s rugby betting markets, Supremacy markets can be traded in-play to allow spread bettors the opportunity to react and Cash Out bets during the contest to take a profit early or to limit losses.

What points-related rugby spread betting markets do you offer?

Rugby spread betting presents numerous opportunities for bets on points-related markets.

Total Points

A prediction on the number of points scored in a selected match.

Team Points

A prediction on the total number of points scored by one team in a selected match.

What other rugby spread betting markets are available? 

Rugby spread betting offers numerous other markets concerning events within a match. Here are a number of our most popular ones.

First Match Try

The time, in minutes, of the opening try of the match scored by either side.

Sporting Index might quote the Time of First Try at 17-20.

Should the first try of the match arrive in the 10th minute, buyers at 20 would lose ten times their stake (20-10=10). Sellers at 17 would win seven times their stake (17-10 =7).

First Team Try

A prediction of the minute that a selected team first scores a try.

Player Try Minutes

An accumulative total of the try minutes of your selected player over the course of the match.

Should your chosen player score in the 10th and 80th minute then their Player Try Minutes make-up would be 90 (10 + 80 = 90).

If your selected player only scored in the 10th minute then their make-up would be 10.

Shirt Numbers

A prediction on the accumulative total of all the tryscorers’ shirt numbers over the match.

Sporting Index might quote the tryscorers’ shirt numbers at 50-54. If players with the numbers 11, 13, 24 and 31 crossed the line for a try the make-up would be 79.

Team Shirts

Like Tryscorer’s Shirts, but a prediction of the accumulative tryscorers’ shirt numbers of an individual team rather than the match as a whole.

Team Tries

A prediction on the number of the total number of tries one side will score.

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